Teaching + Outreach


Currently (Winter 2024) I am running tutorials for MATH 141 (Calculus II) at McGill.

I ran tutorials for the following courses at McMaster:

Winter 2022 and 2023: MATH 1XX3 (Calculus for Math and Stats II)

Fall 2022: MATH 1C03 (Intro to Mathematical Reasoning and Logic) 

Fall 2021: MATH 1K03 (Advanced Functions).

I was also a Math Help Centre TA across five semesters for courses such as linear algebra, calculus, and engineering math. 

In spring 2021, I was a teaching assistant as part of a teaching placement at Westdale Secondary School. I worked virtually with grade 9 French Immersion math classes, designing and leading interactive lessons and helping students one-on-one.

Undergraduate thesis: Investigating interactive technology in upper-level mathematics courses

In higher-level mathematics education, there is a need for exploration into pedagogical methods beyond the passive lecture and textbook approaches. Under the supervision of Caroline Junkins, I built an interactive activity for students learning complex analysis to encourage using visual representations of complex numbers and their manipulation. The aim of the activity was to help students build a strong visual understanding of the mathematics they were learning and to foster student exploration. We found that students had a positive experience using the activity and would like relevant activities similar to this one for their other math courses. My full thesis can be found here.

TLDR: made an interactive activity for learning complex analysis, overall students enjoyed it. The link to the activity follows: 

Here is the Teacher Desmos activity I built for my thesis project.  Click 'Student Preview' and swipe through the slides. Feel free to edit this and use it in or alongside your classroom, I'd love to hear about how it goes. 

As a student in MATH 3F03 (Ordinary Differential Equations), I created an interactive desmos graph of the trace-determinant plane for a 2x2 linear system of DEs. The map shows what trajectories look like given a point (tr, det) in the plane.  

Outreach + Mentorship

I am currently a mentor with McGill's Directed Reading Program (DRP), meeting weekly with three undergraduate students on a project about fractals and combining mathematics and art. I am a member of McGill's math pedagogy group organized by Rosalie Bélanger-Rioux.

I was a program developer and instructor with MacPrime in 2022. Over the 2022-2023 year I served as VP Academic for McMaster's undergraduate Math and Stats Society. Throughout my time at McMaster, I was involved with the Teaching and Learning Math group organized by Miroslav Lovric and Fletcher Gates. 

In 2021, I volunteered with RabbitMath as a summer instructor. I volunteer tutored at Urban Core Community Health Centre's homework help from 2018-2019.

Me pretending to be Monty Hall (the little boxes are 'doors')